Past Scholarship Winners

2024 • Ava Bosnjak
• Antajuan Hightower
• Mackenzie Riccitelli
• Evan Sweder
2023 • Natalie Davis
• Camille Goske
• Ethan Dunlany
• Austin Ward
2022 • Stephen Conti
• Jenna Olexa
2021 • Marco Stilliana
• Alayna Cuevas
2020 • Noah Basista
• Alyssa Dinapoli
2019 • Nikitas Missos
• Sophia McGee
2018 • Cade Kreps
• Carly Amendola
2017 • Stephen Stanko
• Ashley Cornelius
2016 • Aaron Dunlany
• Corie Kuras
2015 • Zach Fryda
• Sarah Gonda
2014 • Justin Maroni
• Kelly Tomcsanyi
2013 • Anthony Calautti
• Nicole Pavlansky
2012 • Emily Bodamer
• Jacob Fait
2011 • Philip Hall
• Amanda Volosin
2010 • Doriyon Glass
• Charles Hillman
2009 • Emily Abraham
• Seth Westfall
2008 • Danielle Williams
• Michael Sypert
2007 • Carrie Mavrikis
• Thomas J. Hosa
2006 • Kaitlin Bell
• Anthony Tarantino

Boardman Booster Club Scholarships Information

The Scholarships

We are excited to announce that the Boardman Booster Club will award FOUR $1,000 scholarships in 2024.   These scholarships will be presented to two deserving Boardman High School Senior Class males (Robert Schaal Memorial) and two female students (Scott Family Memorial) who meet the criteria set forth by the Boardman Booster Executive Committee and the Administration of the Boardman Schools.

Eligibility Criteria

Students applying must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a graduating Boardman High School Senior with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  2. Have participated in a Boardman High School sanctioned sports-related activity for a minimum of two years, or two separate activities for one year, during their high school career.
  3. Submit proof of acceptance into an institution of higher learning.
  4. Have not received scholarship(s), which in total would cover the complete cost of the student’s tuition, room and board.
  5. Submit a 200-300 word personal essay explaining how your participation in your sports-related activities enriched your BHS experience.
  6. Submit a completed Scholarship Application Package.
  7. Applications must be submitted to the Guidance Department no later than 3:15 PM on April 10, 2024


Selection of Scholarship Winners

The four scholarship winners, two male and two female senior class student, will be selected by a panel of administrators designated by the high school principal based on the information submitted in the Boardman Booster Scholarship Application Package. The panel will be made up of no less than three (3) administrators and the high school principal.


Presentation of Scholarships

The scholarships will be awarded at the Senior Awards Ceremony held at the end of each high school year. Should the Ceremony not be held for any reason, the scholarship winners will be notified by mail no later than June 15th of their senior year.  At the time of the presentation of the award, the recipients will receive a check for the full amount from the Boardman Boosters.

Thank you for your participation in the Boardman Booster Scholarship Program. Please direct any questions or comments to the Boardman High School Athletic Director.


Download application form here:

Boardman Booster Club 2024 Scholarship Application